Basic Website Costs

Description Price
1. Basic 4 – 6 static page website, and submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo R 1200.00
2. SEO compliant, added to Webmaster tools and Google analytics R 500.00
3. Report on Webmaster tools and Google analytics per month R 210.00
4. Monthly Hosting, with security updates (per month)1 R 315.00
5. Additional hours on monthly contract (per hour) R 265.00
6. Once off updates and changes (hourly rate) R 420.00
7. Google AdWords loading 10%

1 Mandatory with basic website

1. Static 4 – 6 Page website:

This will include the following:
– Landing / Home page with a slider and images of your choice
– About Us / Portfolio page that informs visitors of who you are
– Prices / Specials page
– Contact Us page that allows visitors to contact you either by mail or telephone
You can request additional pages with content you need to specify up to a maximum of 6 total pages for the basic price. This includes 2 drafts. All content must be provided by the client.
Special: Free if client signs up for 6 months hosting.

2. SEO compliant

SEO compliant makes sure that your pages target keywords for search engine searches to ensure that more potential clients visit your website. All content and keywords must be provided by the client.
Webmaster tools allow us to see which pages are indexed by Google what keywords it uses for finding your website. It also allows for other administrative tasks related to your website and google.
Google Analytics gives you details on how visitors behave on your website. This can range from how many visitors to which pages are being visited.

3. Reporting

Reports are for people that would like to archive website performance and view graphs for deeper understanding of what could be done to improve your website.

4. Monthly hosting

Monthly hosting and critical updates with basic support and updates are mandatory to ensure website performance does not degrade and ensure all new internet vulnerabilities are patched in real time. Monthly hosting includes POP email addresses which is only limited to Hosting space which is shared by your website.

5. Monthly updates and support contract

You can request for additional support and development contract that will keep cost low for any new features you might require that allows your website to grow into the potential you need.

6. Adhoc changes

Once off updates and changes can be requested that is not part of monthly support contract this usually is for very small changes or features you may require.

7. Google AdWords

Google AdWords gives your website immediate visibility that allows you to gain repeat clients when your website starts out. We load AdWords for you to ensure that all the settings is correctly configured. This cost is 10% of amount loaded.